My Manifesto

Remco Bloemen

2010-01-03, last updated 2014-03-04

I’m an ignostic humanist and an economic liberalist who strongly believes in transparency and is a moderate supporter of the free culture movement. Here’s what it all means:

The case for ignosticism

Do you know what you mean when you talk about god, good or evil? If you do not know exactly what you mean with those words it is best not to use them. Even if you have a crystal clear definition chances are that the person you are talking to holds a different interpretation.

The case for humanism

The case against artificial scarcity

Patents, copyright and other intellectual monopolies are overrated.

The importance of trade

The importance of liberty

The importance of transparency

Why it is better to have a transparent dictatorship then a opaque democracy

In a transparent dictatorship citizens would be aware of who is involved in the dictatorship and what role they play. Should someone in the dictatorship do something stupid, like taking bribes, his colleagues and the citizens will know exactly who did this and what was done. This person and those supporting him, will then likely be looked down upon by their peers and citizens and become social outcasts, which will deter them from continuing their ways and diminish their support.

Throughout history their are numerous occasions of dictatorships losing support and being toppled after the citizens discover corruption. In an opaque democracy on the other hand, you would elect an government which may or may not take bribes without you ever knowing it. You merely trust the candidates on their word and the candidates do not have much incentive to keep their words, except the fear of it leaking out, which is an act of transparency. Again, there are numerous examples of democratically elected governments not keeping their promises and taking bribes, often discovered much later though.