Blog pimpin'

Remco Bloemen

2009-10-17, last updated 2014-03-04

Time to pimp this blog! First up, an aperiodic background. Notice how the faint top gradient scrolls with the page but the bottom gradient sticks to the screen. Marvellous! Now if only I had time to develop a javascript to automatically generate the background pattern on demand, then it would be really aperiodic. Next, a nice orange colour scheme and a bunch of plugins:

OpenID Should allow anyone with an OpenID account to comment on my blog without having to register. And, as a bonus, allows me to use my blog as my OpenID id!

Hypenator This wordpress plugin hypenates html paragraph so they will flow nicely without ugly whitespaces. I was happy to see that it is based on this project for which I once contributed the dutch translation! (Well, it was a rather trivial conversion of the dutch hyphenation patterns distributed with lateχ).

Custom Field Images This plugin allows me to have a nice thumbnail image associated with a blog post. Those pictures really make the front page look more interesting and alive. And of course a picture conveys a thousand words, two-thousand when it comes to DIY projects.

Scissors This plugin allows me to re size, rotate, watermark and crop my pictures.

Lightbox Plus This plugin adds a nice lightbox style popup when you click on a gallery item. It’s nice because it works with Wordpresses buildin gallery, unlike most other image plugins.

WP QuickLateχ Of course I want to use Knuth’s fine syntax to enter formulas. In fact, I’d like to use my own macro’s as well. Unfortunatly none of the four available plugins seem to use a local teχ installation, instead relying on webservices. I doubt they’ll allow me to change the header…

Now I can claim that eπi=120πsinxdx\mathrm{e}^{\mathrm{\pi i}} = -\frac{1}{2}\int_{0}^{\pi} \sin x\; \mathrm{d} x !

Dean’s Code Highlighter Even the most conservative terminal using hacker has highlighting in hisher emacsvim. This seems to be the only one with an extensive list of supported languages. I use C++, C#, python, shell, lateχ and matlaboctave regularly and only the last one is missing.

I could not find any documentation, but reading the source the syntax appears to be

. It appears that hypenator will happily hypenate the source code, but copying and pasting still works (in kde) since the soft hyphen character is used.